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This site was established by two leaders in the field of Israeli tourism.


The Kibbutz Hotels Chain has been active for several decades in a variety of tourist services, both in marketing and operating a reservations center providing service to customers in the incoming and local tourist market. The company is highly experienced in organizing and arranging vacations for a broadly varied clientele, including both foreign tourists and Israelis.


Tzofit is a market leader in information in the field of entertainment and tour venues throughout Israel. Tzofit publishes tourist guide books in Hebrew, English, German and Russian, and has extensive experience in collating information and content pertaining to tourism and recreation in Israel.


The bb-israel.com website is a cooperative venture by these two experts in the field and is under joint ownership of a company by the name of bb.Israel Ltd.


No effort was spared in the website in order to provide the broadest possible content about Israel and a large choice of options for ordering tour and vacation packages in a wide range of accommodation sites and prices.


Terms of use


 1.      General

1.1   The tourist services offered on this website are offered only under the terms and conditions specified in the present regulations (hereinafter: ?The Regulations?) and subject to them. Any reservation made via the website constitutes the client?s agreement to all the terms and conditions specified in the Regulations.


1.2   All that is stated in the Regulations refers equally to both sexes and use of the masculine gender is for purposes of convenience only.


1.3   Tourist services are offered for sale on the website by the Company via the suppliers of the various tourist services, such as hotels, guest rooms, hostels, car rental agencies, etc. (hereinafter: ?The Supplier?). The quality of the vacation service is the sole responsibility of the Supplier, whereas the Company?s role is that of broker between Supplier and client.


2.      Prices and Payment Methods

2.1   You may pay with a credit card valid for clearance at any of the credit card companies operating by law in Israel. Please enter your full card number and details in the relevant field.


2.2   The Supplier will await confirmation from the relevant credit card company in respect of the purchase you requested via your credit card. The Supplier will confirm your reservation only after receipt of such confirmation from the credit card company. In any event your account will be debited only after final confirmation of your order from the Supplier.


2.3   In case of ordering products and/or services that are charged in foreign currency, the US dollar rate will be calculated according to the high cash exchange rate on the actual date of debiting your account, unless otherwise stated.


3.    Faulty Reservation

In order for the Supplier to be able to supply the services and/or products you wish to purchase, your offer must be received and processed in a correct and orderly manner, including all necessary details for execution of your order and charging. Different causes can create problems and faults in receiving and processing your order in the system. Should you receive notification of an error in the content of your order or notification of any failure or fault that may have occurred in the system at the time your order was received, we suggest that you contact our Customer Service Department by e-mail on bb@kibbutz.co.il.


4.      Privacy

4.1   The personal details you have provided and will provide in future with your suggestions will be stored in the Company?s database. The Company undertakes not to divulge your personal details to any other factor, with the exception of the Supplier, and that only in order to complete your purchasing activities on the website. Although you are not obliged to divulge your personal details, it will not be possible to handle your order unless you do so.


4.2   The Company has the right to send you e-mail or to address you in writing or verbally with any information pertaining to special offers and/or new items of information on the website, advertising by selected commercial factors and so on. If you do not wish to receive information and notices as specified above, please register this in the designated field on the e-mail accompanying the first such advertisement that you receive. The Company may also make use of the details you provide for purposes of statistical data analysis. In such event, the data will not refer to you personally and will not identify you.


4.3   The Company dedicates resources and undertakes strict measures to prevent unauthorized access to the website?s reservations system and to avoid any possible violation of users? privacy. Nevertheless, it is not possible to discount malfunctions entirely. For this reason you hereby declare that you will have no complaint and/or demand and/or claim against the Company and/or its proxies in case of any damage, failure and/or malfunction as above stated.


5.   Alteration and Cancellation

The terms of altering and/or canceling a reservation are pursuant to the cancellation/alteration policy as stated on the reservations form. You should check the terms of alteration and/or cancellation at the time of registering your reservation, and in any case you will be charged in respect of altering the terms of your reservation and/or cancellation as per the Supplier?s conditions.


6.   Responsibility

6.1   The Company and/or its representatives are not responsible for the quality of the products and/or services and bear no responsibility of any type or kind whatsoever for the quality of the services that you purchased. Full and sole responsibility for anything pertaining to the products and/or services applies to the service providers and to them only.


6.2   Under no circumstance does any liability whatsoever accrue to the Company and/or its employees and/or its representatives in respect of damages, whether direct or indirect, punitive , incidental, special or consequential and/or any other damage of any type or kind whatsoever including, and without derogating from the generality of the above-stated, payment of damages in respect of loss of use, loss of data or loss of profit deriving from any delay in use of or inability to use the website, from the supply or non-supply of products or services, whether based on agreement or whether in damage, whether with absolute liability and/or for any other cause.


6.3   Service on the website is provided for use as is. You will have no complaint, claim and/or demand vis-à-vis the Company and/or its representatives in respect of the nature of the service, its capacities, restrictions or suitability to your needs and requirements.


6.4   The Company undertakes to make every effort to satisfy the customer and ensure the site?s activity and the level of service offered in it, but does not undertake that such service shall not be disrupted, shall be supplied continuously, without interruption, shall occur with certainty and in the absence of any errors, and/or shall be immune from unauthorized access to the Company?s computers, or from damage, breakdowns, malfunctions ? including malfunctions in the site?s hardware, software or communication lines ? at the Company, any of its suppliers and/or its representatives.


7.    Law and Jurisdiction

The law governing your offers and the present regulations is the law of the State of Israel only. Jurisdiction for any matter or dispute lies with the authorized courts of law in the Tel Aviv district only.


8.    Queries and Clarifications

For any clarifications and queries in the course of your purchase, please contact the bb-israel Ltd. Company via e-mail on bb@kibbutz.co.il. For clarifications and questions during your stay, please contact the hotel or guest house via the telephone number provided on your reservation confirmation.

 We will be glad to supply further information by e-mail at:




Kibbutz Hotels Chain

41 Montefiore Street

Tel Aviv 65201


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